A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This gaem sucks!

Do not play it!

Do not download it!

Do not even look at it!

This gaem does not deserve to exist!




Anyway, here's what's going on.

You play as some strange guy living in cabin in the forest.

Use A and D to move around.

Press W to walk up stairs.

Press S to crouch and/or go down the stairs.

Use mouse to aim your gun and LMB to shoot.

Press R to reload.

Now it's time to go out for hunting.

There's three kinds of creatures in these woods.

First, there is deers.

These elegant creatures roaming around this snow landscape in search of scrap of foods.

Just kill one, go over it's corpse and press S to butcher some meat.

It will be useful later.

Then, there's this weird green human-like figures, supposedly zombies, but you can't be sure with this lo-fi pixel-art graphics.

Anyway, they act really hostile and will eat your brain, if you get too close.

Just shoot them all.

Then, it's probably a good idea to search their pockets for useful stuff.

Just go over someone's corpse and press S.

Usually, some of them carry 3-4 bullets, that always happen to fit perfectly in your gun.

Lucky you, so you won't stuck in the middle of nowhere with empty gun and pile of bullets with wrong caliber.

Now it's time to plan things a little.

Move your mouse over your body.

You'll see your inventory and different stats.

First of all, circular stats appear to be health, saturation and temperature.

But you can't be sure.

Alse, there's ammo counter in top-right corner.


Probably, now is good time to head back to your cabin and do some householding.

First, walk near the fireplace to heat your body.

Now, press S to cook and eat some delicious deer meat.

If you happen to dislike it's taste, then, too bad, because it's only source of food for you.

Then, after you've done your meal, go to the basement.

Walk near to hanload station and press S to make some bullets.

It's importatin to be prepared.

Now, you've done the cycle.

Go up and out, and hunt some more food.

And repeat it all again.

And again.

And again.

After hundredth or so time you do your routine, you might find yourself death-wish.

Well, too bad, because we removed the suicide button.

You have no choice, but to live.

There's no escape.

There's no escape.

No escape.


Life sucks!

Fuck hope!


no_more_snow_win32.zip 12 MB
no_more_snow_win64.zip 12 MB
no_more_snow_linux.tar.gz 27 MB
no_more_snow_mac.zip 14 MB


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Hey, no need to disparage the game - it's executed well! The atmosphere is great with the distorted electronic noise, the overlay of constant snow, and the endless wasteland of wilderness on either side of the house. This plays like a decent survival game with all the core mechanics implemented well and really this idea has a lot of potential if you wanted to polish it into a complete experience - I think it'd make a great game if expanded a little more.

One key feedback is on presentation of the game - it might be more intuitive to add control tips / tutorials to the game to make play more intuitive rather than picking up the details on the game page, but I got the hang of how things worked soon enough. Some ideas for implementation might be figuring out how to make the experience more varied - maybe there could be increasing difficulty making the survival mode more challenging, zombies 'attacking' the house, different types of enemies, or a more complex and quickly-depleted needs system. 

Great job!

Thank you :3