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Hey, fun game, but sometime I can't pick up items like keys. Because of that I first died. And then after the restart I also can't pick up the first key.

But it made fun.

Yeah, sorry for keys. I test it all for about a week now, on about 4 different PCs, and strangely, not a single glitch with them on my side here :|

Myyyysteeeeryyyyyy :o

P.S.: thanx for comment :3

Yeah I only said, what I saw. But all in all it is a really good game.

Well not just you, other people have this issue too.

Anyway, glad you had fun playing this game even in this buggy state :3

I think Bugs are part of the process for a good game. So hope will make the game better. I think it will be nice to be a beta tester if you will continue with developing it.

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Hey! I just played your game dude and it is excellent! Congratulations :) If I may ask, which engine you used?

Yeah, thanx :3

I used Godot Engine

Thanks man! :)